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Thanks for your interest in our digital presence packages!

We offer a variety of options to help you establish a strong online brand and reach your target audience.

Oak Tree offers three package options:

  • Social Media Management Package
  • Website Design/Development Package
  • Combined Social Media & Website Design Package

Let’s find the perfect fit for your business needs!

Social Media Management Package

Focus: Build and manage your social media presence across key platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Services Included:

  • Graphic Designs that are custom made to cater your target audience
  • Content creation and scheduling
  • Posting of all content, including posts and stories, to Instagram and Facebook pages
  • Community engagement (likes, comments, replies to comments)
  • Social media analytics reporting
  • Competitive analysis
  • Pricing: We offer tiered packages based on the number of platforms and posting frequency. Here’s a starting point:
    • Starter Package (2 platforms, 10 posts/stories per month): $600 per month
    • Growth Package (2 platforms, 15 posts/stories per month): $700 per month
    • Pro Package (2 platforms, 20 posts/stories per month): $800 per month

Website Design/Development Package

Focus: Design and develop a professional, mobile-friendly website that reflects your brand identity.

Services Included:

  • Website design and development using platform of your choice, we mainly develop with Hugo, a static site generator
  • Product or service photo integration
  • Basic on-page SEO optimization
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Pricing: We offer package options based on website complexity. Here’s a general range:
    • Basic Website (5 pages): $[Starting price]
    • Standard Website (10 pages): $[Mid-range price]
    • Custom Website (complex functionalities, e-commerce): Quote based on project

Combined Social Media & Website Design Package

Focus: Get the best of both worlds! This package combines our social media management and website design expertise.


  • Consistent brand messaging across all platforms
  • Seamless user experience from website to social media
  • Special bundled discount
  • Pricing: We offer a significant discount when you choose both services together. We can provide a custom quote based on your chosen social media package and website design tier.
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